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Italy looked at you with his cute closed-eyed smile. His curl bouncing slightly from the small wind that blew as his adorableness flowed out of him like a waterfall full of kittens and puppies.

…Okay, that was a strange thought.

Shaking your head slightly, you smiled back at Italy with one of your own smiles. “It’s nice to see you! …But may I ask what you’re doing here? N-not that I don’t like you being here! I-I was just curious!” You started to stumble over your words as Italy made those cute little ‘ve’ noises that you loved so much.

Yes, you loved them. You also loved him. Feliciano Vargas also known as Italy is your crush but also close friend. He was such a cutie. He had the most adorable smiles and was the cutest guy you had ever met…correction, the cutest person you had ever met. He was sweet to. Sure, he could be a bit weak at times but you knew that if the situation was extremely important, that he’d break away from his scared shell and become his stronger self.

Not to mention he’s a fantastic cook. You remembered the last time you had gone to his house and he was cooking pasta, and being the nice guy he is, he offered you some. Not wanting to disappoint him, you said yes and you were happy that you did. His cooking is amazing and you had never tasted anything as wonderful before.

Lost in your own thoughts, you hadn’t even noticed Italy’s hand waving in front of your face until now. Realizing you had been spacing out, you blushed and forced yourself to show him a sheepish smile.

“S-sorry about that Italy…I-I guess I got lost in my own thoughts there.” You muttered as you fiddled with your fingers in embarrassment.

Italy merely smiled as he usual did. “Ve~ It’s-a fine (Y/n)~”

Smiling a bit more comfortably now, you realized that you had been standing in the way of the doorway, and as the day got later, the wind got fiercer. You moved away from the doorway so he could enter. “Please Italy, come in! I don’t want you getting a cold~”

Italy thanked you in Italian before entering your rather small but cozy home. You smiled once more at him before closing the door and walking into the living room with him.

Once in the living room, you realized that you still had your ice cream out and quickly rushed to it and hid it behind your back. You didn’t want Italy to see you pigging out on ice cream and doing nothing but watch TV all day. …Even if that is what you had been doing.

“I-I’m just going to quickly go into the kitchen! Hold on one moment!” after saying that, you quickly rushed into the kitchen and put your ice cream into the fridge. Hoping that he hadn’t noticed, you walked back into the living room with a smile adorned on your face.

“Sorry about that~” you apologized as you went to sit next to Italy on the sofa, who had already seated himself. You weren’t offended or anything since you both saw each other often and frequently go to each others houses, it makes sense that Italy’s house was your second home and your home was Italy’s second house.

“It’s-a no problem (Y/n)!” He exclaimed as a small ‘ve’ noise escaped his soft lips. Oh how much you wanted to just smash your lips onto them, but that’d be a bit awkward.

“That’s good.” You replied with a smile. You always smiled when Italy was around. More then you thought was possible. Italy just could make you smile no matter what the situation was. You weren’t sure how or why, he just could.

The room become silent, only the noise of the TV being heard and the small cute noises Italy would make every now and then.

Suddenly, Italy jumped up and stood excitably in front of you. ‘Damn, he’s quick.’ you thought to yourself as you blushed slightly at how close the both of you were. In these kinds of situations in the movies, the girl and the boy would lean close…their noses touching as their lips tingled in front of one another’s…

But this was reality and…this was Italy we were talking about.

Italy didn’t notice your nervousness or blush as his usual closed-eyed smile plastered his face. “Ve~ (Y/n)! Could I-a make some pasta? I’ll make-a some for you-a too!” he asked with a puppy dog look. Your one and only weakness…well…one of them.

“U-um…o-of course y-you can.” You stuttered as the closeness between you two never got any further away, but it didn’t get any closer either.

Italy’s smile only grew bigger as he hugged your already stiff body. “Thank-a you (Y/n)!” and with that, he let go of you and ran to the kitchen in delight.

You let out a shaky breath as you tried to relax your nervous body. Sure, Italy hugged you a lot and you usually hugged back, but you still got all shy about it. He was your crush after all.

Slumping slightly into the sofa, you let out a weird ‘pfft’ noise as you blew a little piece of hair out of your face that for some reason now was annoying you. You soon grew annoyed with the lock of (h/c) hair and moved it behind your ear.

‘Wait a minute…’ you quickly looked down at your attire and blushed horribly. ‘Oh my god, how could I forget I was wearing this!’ you asked angrily in your head. Not only did you look like you just got out of bed, Italy, your crush, had seen you in it. Sighing in annoyance, you quickly ran upstairs to get changed into something nicer.

Coming back downstairs in a much more pleasant clothing, you walked to the kitchen. You were wearing a (f/c) camisole and (a/f/c) skirt that reached just above your knees. You had brushed your (h/c) hair and tied it into a low ponytail and put some socks on for your cold feet.

Hey, Italy your crush was here, might as well look nice, right?

Walking into the kitchen, you were met with the tasty smells of pasta sauce, and different types of spices. Smiling happily to yourself, you walked over to Italy who was at the moment, mixing the pasta sauce in a pot as he continued to check if the pasta was cooked or not.

You walked over to Italy and smiled. “Hey Italy, need any help?”

Italy looked at you and you swore you saw some pink on his cheeks…but maybe you were going delusional because as soon as you saw it, he smiled as his usual happy self. “If you could-a keep an eye on the-a pasta, that’d be helpful!”

Giggling softly at Italy’s adorableness, you nodded your head. “Okay Italy~” Walking to the pot full of boiling pasta, you made sure to mix it slightly every now and then so none of the pasta would be undercooked.

After a while, the pasta and the pasta sauce was ready. You got the right equipment out and started placing the pasta into two separate plates. After doing that, Italy poured the pasta sauce over them and added some grated cheese and some spices.

Looking at it, you hadn’t even realized how hungry you were until your stomach rumbled, causing a small blush to form on your cheeks. Scratching the back of your head and laughing sheepishly, you quickly said a small ‘sorry’. Italy merely smiled and took the two plates of pasta into the dining room.

‘Dining room?’ you asked yourself in your thoughts as you followed him. You both usually just ate in the living room. To be all in all truthful, you weren’t sure why you even had a dining room since you never even used it but nonetheless, you followed him all the same.

As you entered the dining room, you couldn’t help but let a gasp escape your lips. Italy, who must have done this when you were getting changed, had turned your once dull dining room into a romantic looking date. He had put a white cloth over the table that draped onto the floor. There was a single candle in the middle of the table that had a small but bright flame lit as it danced with the very small breeze that blew. The table had already got cutlery on either side of the table, opposite one another. The chairs had also had a small but large enough white cloth over them to make them look more formal. The lights were dimmer in the dining room compared to how bright it was in the kitchen, making the flame look dazzling.

You looked at Italy in amazement, how was he able to do all this in such a short amount of time? Italy smiled at you before placing the plates of pasta next to the cutlery.

Snapping out of your little shocked, amazed state, you smiled brightly back at Italy and skipped to your seat. Italy was kind enough to pull it out for you and once you sat in it, pulled your chair close to the table.

Saying a polite ‘thank you’ to Italy, he smiled and walked to his seat, sitting across from you.

When you both had gotten seated and comfortable, you both said ‘bon appétit’ to one another before digging into the wonderful food. Immediately your eyes widened at how delicious the food was. It was the best you had ever tasted!

Looking to Italy who had already eaten half of it, you smiled at him and said, “This is the best food I’ve ever had!”

Italy looked at you and showed you his huge smile, obviously happy that you loved his cooking so much. “I’m-a glad you like it (Y/n)!”

“Of course I’d like it Italy! You’re the best cook I know!” you replied with one of your own smiles. You weren’t exaggerating either; he really was the best cook you knew! He could make any dish you didn’t like fantastic!

Italy couldn’t help but blush slightly from your kind words. “Thank-a you (Y/n)!”

Smiling, you returned to eating the scrumptious food in front of you, not noticing Italy’s blush or sudden shyness.

After a while of eating, you both finished your pasta. You were about to get up and take them to the kitchen before Italy stopped you.

“Wait-a (Y/n)!” he said, “I have something I want to give you!”

Sitting back down, you gave Italy a curious look. “…Okay.”

Italy smiled happily and moved the cloth of his chair just enough so he could put his hand underneath his chair. Taking something you couldn’t see from underneath his chair, he handed it to you.

Gasping in surprise, you smiled cheerfully at Italy and gratefully took the box of chocolate from Italy. Yes that’s right, Italy had gotten you a box of chocolate, Belgian chocolate to be exact. The box was in a shape of a heart. It was coloured red with a white ribbon wrapped around it. There was smaller hearts stuck onto it with a little glitter sprinkled on top.

“Oh my gosh Italy, this is…so sweet.” You said as you shared a thankful smile at him, a blush covered on your cheeks. You couldn’t actually believe that Italy had taken the time to do all this and get you some chocolates as well. Maybe…he liked you back?

Before you asked yourself any further, you placed the chocolates onto the table and ran out the room. “Hold on a second Italy!” you shouted as you ran upstairs to get the chocolates you made for him.

After a little bit of rummaging, you found the chocolates. You rushed back downstairs and into the dining room where Italy was merrily waiting for your return.

You smiled at Italy and shyly handed him the chocolates you had made for him. It wasn’t as fancy wrapped as your gift. You had put them in a flat square box but decorated it in hearts and doves and other Valentine’s Day decorations. But you had made the chocolates yourself so you hoped that’d make up for it.

Italy smiled so much, you thought it was impossible before taking the chocolates. “Thank you-a so much belle!” he said, a small blush on his cheeks.

You blushed yourself at the word ‘belle’. You knew what it meant. “Y-your welcome. I-I made it myself.”

“That-a makes it even better!” Italy exclaimed, “Can I-a open it?”

“O-of course! Go ahead!” you replied with a smile.

“Veee~!” Italy let out his signature catchphrase and opened the box of chocolates. Taking one of the irresistible treats out of the box, he gently put it in his mouth and swallowed it. “Wow-a! It’s amazing!”

You blushed more. “T-thank you…” going back to your shy self, you looked at your feet and fiddled with your hands, not used to getting compliments, especially from your crush.

Italy must not have noticed your embarrassment or was too indulged with his chocolates because he brought you into a massive hug. “You’re-a so nice to-a me!” he exclaimed as he hugged you tighter.

You blushed even more if possible, making you look like a tomato. “T-t-that’s not t-true. Y-you’re m-much nicer.”
Italy shook his head with a smile. “No, you’re-a much nicer then-a me. Prettier too~”

You didn’t think your blush could get any worse but as soon as those words left his mouth, you were almost certain that it got redder, so red that you could have properly rivaled a fireman’s truck.

“I-Italy?” you asked him in a quiet, nervous tone. Italy moved his head to look at you with his usual smile.


You took a deep breath. You decided that this was the time to tell him, the time to tell him about your feelings. You couldn’t really hold them back any longer and hoping from what Italy had done for you, there would be a small flicker or sign that he might…just might, like you back.

“Italy…” you tried to control your fast heartbeat and heavy breathing but it seemed that no matter how much you tried, your work would all go to vain. You sucked in a deep breath and decided to just spit it out. “I love you Italy!”

Italy looked at you for a moment, no sign of love but no sign of sadness either. His cheeks had become tainted in a small pink, as he no longer made any ‘ve’ noises.

You were glued to the spot. The suspense was killing you. You didn’t know if he even liked you back and you properly had just blown your whole friendship. If you hadn’t been so stupid-

“Ti amo (Y/n)~”

“…Pardon?” you snapped out of your thoughts and looked up at Italy. Your breath hitched in your throat. When you looked at Italy, his face had blossomed a gentle but loving smile and for once, his eyes were open, full of love and companionship. His blush was still there, but it just made him all the more cuter.

“It means, I-a love you in Italian~” Italy explained as he hugged you close, not looking as if he’d ever let you go.

Blushing harder then you ever thought possible, you looked into Italy’s eyes once more and gosh did you love them. They were a beautiful amber colour that looked as if they were pulling you closer towards him, which they kind of were.

Neither Italy nor you knew that you were moving closer to one another until you both felt your noses touching. Blushing, you both looked into each other’s eyes once more, before colliding your lips with one another.

It was magical. That was the best way to describe it. You had never had a more amazing kiss in your life. All of your emotions seemed to flow into the kiss, showing how much you loved one another. You had never felt so loved or at peace before in your whole life.

But all good things must come to an end.

Lacking oxygen, you both parted away from one another, gasping for air. As you tried to get the much-needed air back into your lungs, you looked into each other’s eyes. Both of you blushing quite terribly, you didn’t dare break the gaze away from one another.

Italy was the first one to speak. “U-um, (Y/n)?”

You tilted your head slightly. “Y-yes Italy?”

“W-would you-a be my girlfriend?” he asked, a blush forming on his cheeks as you could only think of one word to describe him.


You smiled shyly but sweetly at Italy. “I-I’d love to.”

Italy’s smile couldn’t have gotten any bigger as he squeezed you tightly in his hold. “I’m-a so happy! I have-a such a belle girlfriend!”

You couldn’t help but let a soft giggle escape your lips. Sure, you were still shy and blushing about the whole situation but you couldn’t help yourself.

Italy broke the hug slightly so he could once again look at you in the eye. His smile never looked like it was going to fade and his blush looked almost natural on him now. “Happy Valentine’s-a Day (Y/n)!”

You smiled. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

And the first ending for my Hetalia series, 'Valentine's day'~! 

I just want to apologise if Italy is OOC, I tried my best to keep him in character but knowing me, I properly did a bad job of it... :iconsweatdropplz: 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and I'm sorry for the long-ish wait! I wanted to write more of the endings before submitting this one~!



(Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia, the picture or Italy, or well, you~)

I leave you with chocolates~! :iconchocolatesplz: 

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Sabielovesfrozen Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015   Writer
Good job mio fratello! I am-a so proud of you!
He's my fratello!
Okay okay sì I will let you have him.
My friend: THANK YOU
live-for-the-stars Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015
Funny. XD
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Okay, now don't hug Italy like that again!
My friend: HE'S TOO CUTE I CAN'T HELP IT *hugs Italy again*
Italy: ve~ ciao bella! *hugs back*
Great. Now you can't stop hugging him....
live-for-the-stars Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
Good luck with that. xD
Sabielovesfrozen Featured By Owner May 19, 2015   Writer
My friend: SQUEEEEEEEEE *still hugging Italy*
Italy: ve~ it's nice to be hugged by a bella ragazza!
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Pfft, good luck to Italy and your friend. xD
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ErenJaeger02 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE THIS~ It's the perfect thing to do when you don't have a date on Valentine's Day! (Me)
  XD Forever ALONE~onion sad 
live-for-the-stars Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015
I understand you completely. XD
ErenJaeger02 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD So what do you do on Valentine's day?
Me: Stay home and reader Hetalia dating fan-fictions in my living room with a big ol thing of Nutella!
live-for-the-stars Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015
I don't know about you, but I think that is probably the best way of doing it~ XD
ErenJaeger02 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Wafflepigs Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
i made a inhuman squeak at the end then i just said to  myself "i wish my boyfriend was like this" and then i was like "WHY DO ALL THE GUYS THAT ASK ME OUT HAVE TO BE AWKWARD WHEN THEY DO ITTTTTTTT OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG" Romano (Cries) [V4] 
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babymama90 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
I love chocolates more than anything in the world...except Italy and this story~! Buono~! This story is very sweet, and you are very sweet for sharing it, (and the chocolates). Thank you for your hard work~!  
live-for-the-stars Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
D'aww, thank you! I'm very grateful for your kind words and I'm happy to know that you enjoyed the story~! ^^
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[Yaaaay~ I was worried he was xD]

Noooooo~! xD
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this is great good job
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