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January 18
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You brushed your hair as you styled it into a neat ponytail. Today, you were going to be hanging out with America. You weren’t sure what he had planned for the day but you knew for sure that you’d enjoy it.

Smiling to yourself, you finished tying your hair into a high ponytail and looked around your room. The room looked just like your old room, which made you wonder how they detailed it so well. It had your (favourite colour) wallpaper and (another favourite colour) carpet. Your bed was covered in your anime and manga plushies. The room had various posters spreading the area, most of them from Hetalia. Oh and you can’t forget your desktop with your (favourite brand) laptop.

You flopped onto your bed and hugged all the teddies on it. Sighing happily as you hugged various anime plushies, most of them of your favourite characters.


You would have stayed like that for quite a while if it weren’t for the knock that came from your door. Standing, you walked over towards the door and opened it, revealing a grinning American who you knew too well.


“Hey America!” you said with a smile.


America gave you a big grin. “Hey (Y/n)! Are you ready for the best day of your life?” He asked.


You giggled. “But of course~” you answered, walking out the door and closing it behind you.


“Awesome!” America exclaimed as he grabbed your hand in his. You blushed at the contact, not really used to having people hold your hand or any sort of contact unless it was your mum and dad. America started dragging you down the ever-endless hallway, resulting you into having to jog to keep up with him.


“A-America! Where are we going?” you asked as you finally found a good pace to keep up with his. He turned to you and smiled, a big, bright smile that made your blush worsen ever so slightly.

“Dude! We’re going into town! You don’t want to stay inside all day do you?” he replied, laughing a heroic laugh.


You giggled softly. “I guess not.” You said, smiling. “What are we going to do in town?”


America grinned back at you. “Whatever you want to do!”

You smiled back, a big smile to be specific. “Awesome! I can’t wait to get there!” you exclaimed.


America grinned and started running down the halls. Still keeping a firm grip on your hand, you were forced to run after him otherwise you would fall and be dragged away instead.


“Well come on dudette! Let’s go!” he shouted with a laugh, his pace still fast.


You couldn’t help but giggle at his silly ways. He was like a big man-child, a cute big man-child.

This was going to be a fun day~

~Le time skip brought to you by hamburgers~

You laughed with America as he told you one of his many jokes. He was such a funny person!

You both had done a lot today, you both went shopping, mostly at video games because the both of you weren’t fans of clothes. You even went to the park to feed the ducklings there.

To sum it all up, you both had a great time. Now you guys were walking over to MacDonald’s to get a bite to eat.

As you entered the fast-food joint, you were greeted by the smell of different fattening food. You being a fan of MacDonald’s, smiled happily as you let out a content sigh. You turned to America…or where he used to be. He had left you and ran towards the ordering counter. You shook your head but smiled as you walked over to America, listening as he ordered more then what you could eat in a week.

“Oh! I’ll also have chips and a milkshake!” he finished as the lady at the counter looked at him dumb-founded but nodded as she wrote it down on her notebook.

“Will that be all?” she asked in a monotone voice. Obviously showing she had been working there for a long time.

“No actually.” You said at last with a smile. “Could I have a (favourite drink) and (favourite food from Macdonald’s) please?” you asked.


The lady nodded as she wrote your order down. She typed the prices of all the food onto her cash register.

“That’ll be…a hundred pounds.” She exclaimed, slightly surprised by the large number.

Now, if you were drinking something, you would have made the biggest spit take that you could manage. Your eyes widened as your mouth made an ‘O’ shape. Before you could say anything though, America grinned and got his wallet out, handing the money to the lady.

“Here you go!” he said with a grin. The lady took the money and nodded in response as she put the money in her cash register and handed America his change.

“Please wait a moment.” She said as she disappeared through a small gap at the back. Properly leading to where the kitchen was.

You turned to America, still stunned at how much you both had ordered…and that he had that much money on him.


“America? How did you have all that money on you? And how much did you order?” you asked with a raised eyebrow. You were certain that your order did not cost that much and you were certainly curious as to why he had so much money on him.


America turned to you with that big stupid grin on his face. A part of you wanted to blush…and it won because your cheeks were tainted with a soft pink. “Oh that? Well, I always order loads at McD’s so I always bring loads of cash with me!” he announced loudly with his still remaining grin.

You nodded slowly. “Oh, okay.” You replied with, sort of expecting this from him. I mean hey, when does America NOT eat that much?


A certain realization spread through you as you remembered that America had paid with pounds not dollars. This perked your interest.

You turned to America once more and decided to ask him what was on your mind. “Hey America?” he turned to you. “How come you paid in English pounds rather then American dollars?” you asked him.

“Oh that, well we’re in England right now.” America answered with a smile. “You see, where we all live is in England, since he had the biggest house out of us all.”


“Oh okay…” you muttered loud enough. That gave you some information. You were in England. That was good to know.


The lady came back with two trays full of food and drinks. “Here is your order.” She announced as you handed one tray to America and the other to you. “Enjoy.”

You took the tray she handed to you gratefully and smiled. “Thank you.” America said thank you as well and grabbed the tray she had handed him.


You both walked off to find a table and after a couple minutes of searching, you found one. You both sat down at the table that was next to a window. It had big sofa like chairs and a table in the middle. You both sat down at either end, opposite one another.

Both of you placed the trays on the table as America almost as quickly as he placed it down, picked up his drink and one of his burgers and ripped open the wrapping as quick as possible and took a bite out of it. You giggled at his actions and picked up your drink and food.

America grinned like a child on Christmas day as he continued to chomp down on all the food he ordered. He was a quick eater.


Where else you took your time. You slurped on your drink before taking a bite out of your food. You smiled at the tasty (favourite food from MacDonald’s). It was as good as always.


America looked at you and smiled softly as he saw you smile. You were focused on your food that you didn’t know that he was staring at you. America sighed in happiness, if he had asked anyone else to come to MacDonald’s they would have all declined his offer (especially England). You were properly one of the first people to accept and like it.

America shook his head with a blush on his cheeks. He continued eating his food, trying to hide his embarrassment and hoping that you hadn’t caught him staring.


You being your naïve self, hadn’t even noticed that America even stopped eating for a moment. You looked up at America to see him still eating happily away, his demeanor still his average fun loud self (He had gotten rid of the embarrassment quickly).

After a while of eating, you finished your food with America (surprising yourself at how quick he had ate all that food). You picked up both of the trays that had now lots of wrappers and empty cups on it and took it to the bin to dispose it. Once that was done, you walked back to where America was waiting and smiled.


“Ready to go?” you asked, still smiling at the American. America smiled back and sat up, grabbing your hand and walking out the restaurant.

“Of course! Let’s go dudette!” he nearly shouted as he walked out the fast-food place leaving the rest of the costumers to watch you get dragged away. Your face had a small blush at all the attention that you both had gotten.


…Yeah, that was the reason.


After a long time of walking, you both arrived at the doors of the mansion and you’ve got to say, it was a lot bigger then you had imagined. Sure, you had been at the mansion for the night and had already seen what the inside looked like but you hadn’t even had a glimpse of the outside of it until now.


America must have noticed your amazement because he started to laugh loudly. “Impressive isn’t it?” he asked between laughter. You nodded your head, not seeing why it was so funny why you had been amazed. It was massive!

America calmed down his laughter as he opened the doors, entering with you still in his iron grip.


America reluctantly let go off your hand as he smiled to you. “I had an awesome time dudette!” he exclaimed.


You nodded in agreement and smiled back. “I had fun to, thanks for hanging out with me today.” You replied.


America laughed. “No problem! And it wasn’t like we gave you much of a choice huh?” he asked causing you to giggle softly.

Before he could leave however, you quickly asked him something. “Hey America, could you help me find my room? This house is like a giant maze…” you blushed slightly and scratched the back of your head, a bit flustered by your embarrassment.

America grinned, thinking how cute you looked before nodding. “Sure!” he grabbed your hand before dragging you once again to wherever your room was.

You again struggled to keep up with him but were thankful for his help. “T-thanks.”

America turned his head to you, giving you a sideway glance. His mouth had a big grin plastered on it as his eyes were closed, giving him a…cute sort of look. “It’s no problem dudette! That’s what heroes do!”

You laughed. “What? Help people find their bedrooms?” you asked as you continued to laugh at your joke.

America laughed with you. “Nope! Help the damsel in distress!” he exclaimed as your face had now stopped laughing but was now blushing softly at being called a ‘damsel’.

But before you could say anything more, America stopped in his tracks making you nearly crash into the American. He stood in front of a door, a door that had now a plaque on it saying ‘(Y/N)’S ROOM’. You were surprised that you hadn’t seen that sooner.

“Here we are! Your room!” he announced with a grin, opening the door for you.

You smiled thankfully at him and walked into the doorway of your room. “Thanks America!” you replied.

You were about to enter your room before a hand stopped you, a hand that was now holding your small wrist. You looked to America with a curious look but before you could even say anything, America quickly placed a kiss on your cheek before letting go of your wrist and hastily walking away, effectively hiding his small blush.


You however, had a much bigger blush then he did. You were stood there, surprised at his actions. You quickly shook your head and entered your room, closing the door behind you.


You placed one your hands on the part that he had kissed, still flabbergasted at his sudden action.


You soon started to smile softly, still holding the kissed cheek in your hand. You had had such a fun day today.


“…A fun day indeed…” you muttered under your breath.

Here you go my prettieeees! The next chapter of 'My Crush is...Hetalia?'! 

In this chapter it is mostly about America but don't worry! The other Hetalia guys will be in the future chapters! :D

I hope you all like it! And sorry for not updating sooner, I've just got back to school so I've been busy~

(Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia, you or the picture.)



I leave you with MacDonald's food~! :iconmcdonaldsplz: 

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